Testimonials for Turf Commander

Cedarcrest Golf Course Marysville, Washington

“I have been using these products exclusively for over 6 years. The results I get out of the combination I use have really made my job easier as a Superintendent. From an increase in root-to-shoot density, plant vigor, and wear tolerance, I feel these products are my go to source to make my greens the healthiest they can be. Overall cost is a major reason I am able to continue to use this line of products. They are inexpensive, fast acting and pack a punch compared to other bio-stimulants on the market. When it comes to a true foliar, my money is on Pro Tea”

Scott A Mutchler
Green Superintendent
Cedarcrest Golf Course
Marysville, Washington

Scott uses Turf Star, Poa Pro, Rebound, Tru Pro and Coax in his foliar program and Pro Tea’s soil penetrant Penetrar

Gig Harbor Golf Club Gig Harbor, Washington

I started using Pro Tea products from Turf Commander on my greens one year ago. The quality of our turf, health and playing surface speaks for itself. Our customers notice the changes and the compliments and positive feedback has been most satisfying. On top of the great products Turf Commander represents, Mike Madden provides great service and his vast knowledge and many years of experience is very helpful. His reliability and professional experience is appreciated by our golf course and satisfied members. Pro Tea applications are simple and fit our budget requirements.

Jerry Conover
Green Superintendent
Gig Harbor Golf Club
Gig Harbor, Washington

Peninsula Golf Club Port Angeles, Washington

Peninsula Golf Club, located on a hillside above the Straits of Juan De Fuca in Port Angeles, Washington has been a great customer since 1989 when we first started in the turf business. They have used a variety of our products since that time.

Mike “Flo” Hammel became the Green superintendent in January 2014 after serving many years as the assistant. Flo’s first order of business as superintendent was to select a nutrient package for his green’s fertility program. After considerable research on his part, he selected Pro Tea products and began bi-weekly foliar applications early in the spring that year. Later in the year he was able to reduce fungicide applications from every two weeks to once per month. “The cost savings from reduced fungicide use nearly covers the cost of Pro Tea applications, and my greens seem to be healthier than ever” he said. “In addition, the support of the local distributor and the Pro Tea ownership in Memphis has been outstanding” Peninsula’s greens are as good as any found in the Pacific Northwest.

“Flo uses Turf Star, Poa Pro, 4 Ever Green, Rebound, Tru Pro and Coax in his foliar program and Pro Tea’s soil products as well on a monthly basis.

Peninsula Golf Club in Port Angeles, Washington purchased a new Air 2G2 machine in October 2015. Mike Hammel, green superintendent, convinced the board of directors to make the purchase after an extensive demonstration on his putting green and one of their regular greens. Mike felt that he might be able to eliminate spring coring aeration with regular daily use of the Air 2G2. In the six week period since delivery of their machine, the Peninsula maintenance crew has used the Air 2G2 every day, doing two to three greens each day. To date they have almost used it on every green three times. Mike states the results are wonderful. They still have a little puddling after a heavy downpour, but the puddles are gone very quickly. These areas would remain squishy for several days previously. Now they are a little soft but dry. Mike feels even more strongly that he can skip the spring coring event and save about one-half the purchase cost!

“Air is everything to anything that lives” Create more airspace in your soil by fracturing the profile without disturbing the playing surface with Air 2G2. Air for the soil, microbes and turf. How can you go wrong? Discover the benefits golf courses and sports fields all over the world are finding with regular use of this fantastic machine. Air 2G2 is the answer you have been looking for!

Mike “Flo” Hammel
Green Superintendent
Peninsula Golf Club
Port Angeles, Washington