Highest quality aeration tines, Bed knives, Rotary Blades, Blocks, and Grinding Stones. Quality ingredients equals quality results. Longer lasting with improved results. QUALITY MATTERS! Better steel equals better results. Certainly there are less expensive products on the market, but our customers are discovering that they save time and money with JRM products. Our customers range from Golf courses, Universities, City Parks Departments, High Schools, and aeration contractors. They are all pleased with the results JRM products provide. Turf Commander has represented JRM in the Pacific Northwest from the very beginning of national sales in 1998. JRM sales personnel are most knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Same day shipping is provided and most shipping is through Fed-Ex. Give us and order, you will not be disappointed!


Premium Green Products for Golf courses and Sports fields. NO Chlorides, Sewage byproducts, animal or poultry manure. No odors and no inert materials. Golf Course and Sports field formulations provide:

Pro Tea

Cost effective and highly efficient liquid and water soluble spray products for turf and agriculture. Unparalleled turf health and vitality results. Developed by the leading bio stimulant researcher, these products perform better than the competitors. Your turf will know the difference! All bio stimulant products on the market for the past 25 years utilize first or second generation chemistry at best. Pro Tea products incorporate third and even fourth generation chemistry by strengthening existing formulas and adding revolutionary plant extracts not known by other producers and strengthened and more effective amino acid inputs. The results of these improvements in chemistry give the user quicker response, longer lasting effects and vastly improved overall turf health. Turf Commander has vast experience in the bio stimulant market and we think Pro Tea stands above them all!

EnP Turf

EnP Turf with customer support has had the honor and privilege of building high-quality liquid foliar products for almost 30 years. These products deliver unparalleled results through a unique combination of high-quality nutritional and biostimulant inputs. Tailored specifically to your growing conditions, our product line and accompanying programs provide the opportunity for your turf to thrive. We are proud of our science-based backgrounds and take great pride in developing new products and technologies that materially add benefits to your turf programs. In an effort to bring clarity to these programs and their benefits, we are rolling out new brands for 2016: Zeta Plex and EnLiven. Zeta Plex denotes the addition of our proprietary blend of 18 L-amino acids that serve to increase the uptake efficiency of foliar-applied products. Although it has always been a part of the product branding in the past for some of our products, we are now bringing it to the forefront—giving the technology the attention it so richly deserves. EnLiven denotes the addition of a dynamic blend of humic acid, seaweed extract, and other beneficial carbon sources that bring a host of material benefits to the turf. These brands are the platforms from which we will continue to build new and exciting products and should hopefully bring clarity to the features and benefits of our products,. Allowing you to pick the right product for the job.

We look forward to working with you this year and beyond. Thanks you for your partnership and continued support.


Quality irrigation accessories and supplies. Products that WORK… SMART.

Professional Watering Products, UltraMax Hoses Blue, Clear, Green and Red. Hose repair fittings, Magnum UltrMax hose-end nozzles, Magnum, Power Blast, Cool Pro, Precision Nozzles. Drain Blaster, Rain Pro Nozzles. Nozzles locker containers, Irrigation supplies, Spot Shot portable sprinkler kits, RollerPro, Tracker portable irrigation machine, Deep Drip tree watering stakes, Gulp UltraMax water removal pumps, AuditMaster sprinkler performance testing kits, TurfSpy stress detection glasses. HeadChecker nozzle discharge pressure gauge, Profile solid metal golf sprinkler nozzles for Toro and Rainbird heads. Wetting Agents, Adjuvants, Anti-Foam, tank cleaners, Foam markers, PelletPro and LiquidPro hose end applicators, Flo-Pro Injection Systems, Flo-Pro Inline, Flo-Pro vertical tank enclosure, and Grund Guide Marking Systems.


Urethane rollers for all mowers Superior bearing system. Wear better and last longer with high quality results, saving you and your equipment manager valuable time and cost savings. GolfCo Rollers are manufactured in Redmond, Washington and has been in business for 18 years. Urethane has no micro pores which not only wears and steers better, but tends to not pick up dirt and clippings. All bearings are tightly sealed to prevent dirt and water entry, do not have to be lubed, are very easy to replace on tapered shafts. All bearing replacement kits are the same for all models. Give them a try, you will be more than satisfied!


A new cleaning product that performs better than any other product on fiberglass, canvass, vinyl, and plexi-glass. Originally developed for the car wash detailing industry, this product has proven to be highly effective on boats, golf carts and equipment as well. Products include Z-care for general cleaning, Oops carpet cleaner, Deck Wash and barrier for deck and awning cleaning and mold prevention. This stuff works! Available in quart spray bottles, gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums.


Premium Green Products for Golf courses and Sports fields. NO Chlorides, Sewage byproducts, animal or poultry manure. No odors and no inert materials. Golf Course and Sports field formulations provide:

  • Enhanced Microbial Activity
  • Increased resistance to Environmental Stress
  • Stimulates Root and Cell Growth
  • Improves Color
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity
  • All Products are Homogeneous
  • Improves Water Holding Capabilities
  • Natural Bio stimulants
  • pH Stabilizer
  • Will Never Layer or Build-Up

Gro-Power Premium Green professional turf Products use Gro-Power’s advance Matrix manufacturing technology to enhance the micro-biological soil environment along with a full range of growing media from clay to 100% sand. Each Premium Green formulation is homogeneous and is designed to provide specific NPK analysis for both soluble and/or slow-release nitrogen sources which meet golf and turf professional needs. Most product formulations include a soil penetrant and micro-nutrient package with non-staining iron, manganese and zinc.

Super’s Choice

Natural products for Pond Maintenance and Cleaning. We stock the all season Pond Bacteria in 1 ounce dissolvable blocks and the Easy-Toss 8 ounce water soluble Bags with Barley Straw and Cold-Water Bacteria formulation. In addition we have the black and blue lake dye for pond beautification. Super’s Choice offers an all-natural formulation of beneficial pond bacteria for use in large ponds and lakes.

When used regularly these products:

  • Reduce Murky Water
  • Perform in Water Temperatures
  • As low as 35oF
  • Reduce Bottom-Sludge Muck
  • Reduce Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate & Phosphate


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